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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Once I get my set, how do I get started?

    First, make sure to take the clear plastic wrapper off of every paddle you plan on using. If you want to keep a couple wrapped for later, who are we to judge? Second, find a place to play. That can be your home ping pong table, your building’s table, or the table at the local ping pong playing place (that’s a real thing, probably, and if it isn’t it should be). You could even play on your kitchen table or the floor. Fun is fun, no matter where you play. Third, find someone to play against. It can be anyone. Or the wall. Whatever gets you playing. Fourth, have fun. Which you can’t do if you’re sitting here reading this. This answer could go on for pages. Seriously. We don’t know when to stop. Go. Now. Fine, we’ll leave first…

  • Why are the paddles so sticky?

    This one is easy. No, your paddles aren’t malfunctioning. Ping pong paddles are supposed to be sticky. The stickiness allows you to make the ball move in ways that will confuse and frustrate your opponent-backspin and topspin are examples of things that your sticky paddle makes possible. If the rubber on the paddles weren’t sticky, the only option available would be just hitting the ball back and forth over the net in straight lines. Over and over. Forever. No winning or losing. Just back and forth. Boring, right?

    One note: Since they are sticky, they can stick together in the case. This usually occurs at more extreme temperatures. To prevent this from happening try putting something between the rackets. We suggest playing cards. If you just use the aces from the deck, people will see them and start to call you “Ace” and who doesn’t want that nickname? No one, that’s who.

  • Where should I store my SPINSTRIKE ping pong set?

    We are just going to list where not to store your set and let you decide where it should be kept.

    Places not to store your set include:

    • Outside
    • In your damp basement
    • The bathroom
    • Next to a heater or heater vent
    • Propping up your bedframe
    • The bottom of a lake or the sea (this includes fish tanks and iced tea pitchers- unless they’re dry)
    • Refrigerators and/or freezers
    • In, on, or next to the stove
    • Near a sauna or pool (a theme is emerging- damp is bad)
    • In direct sunlight for a long time, which leads us to the next spot (see below)
    • The surface of the Sun

    Extremes of heat, cold, and especially humidity can all have a negative effect on your paddles. The best place to store them is in the carrying case somewhere mild. Not too hot and not too cold. It has to be just right. Like the porridge those bears had. If you don’t understand that reference, just ask your parents or grandparents or Google.

  • Is there a warranty?

    Yes. Your set is covered for 1 year from the date of purchase. Contact us with issues either through the form on our contact page or, if you like, you can e-mail us at:

    We don’t have anything clever to say here. Warranties just aren’t funny. Moving on…

  • How do I clean my paddles?

    This one can get tricky. There are a lot of ways to clean your paddles. The first thing to ask though is: why do they need to be cleaned? Good question. They need to be cleaned because dust, sweat, oil, hair, lint, and lots of other gunk will build up on them every time they are used. If they aren’t regularly cleaned their performance (and yours) will start
    to suffer. No stickiness = bad (you remember this part). The simplest way to clean them is to wipe them down after each session with a dry, lint-free cloth. Every few sessions gently wipe them down with a clean, slightly damp sponge (not too much water- damp is bad!) until they look cleaner. Make sure they are completely dry and store them in the case.

    There are lots of directions you can go after this, each more complicated than the last. Start with the basics and if you want more tips, we recommend you search online for “how to clean ping pong paddles” or “how to clean table tennis rackets.” There is a surprisingly large amount of information on the topic.

  • Will using SPINSTRIKE gear make me a ping pong legend?

    SPINSTRIKE’s legal advisors tell us that we can’t just say “yes” unless we include it in the following statement:

    * Yes, but you will only become a ping pong legend using SPINSTRIKE gear if you practice many hours (8 hours per day
    minimum), make ping pong your whole life, eat right and stay healthy, win tournament after tournament after tournament, get massive endorsement deals from athletic and insurance companies, beat every past/current/future world champion (this will involve some time travel), get over a million followers on the social media platform(s) of your choice, and play exclusively in countries where ping pong is given the respect it deserves.


    Unless, that is, you just want to become a ping pong legend in your own mind. That you can do. And no one can stop you. Guaranteed! #

    # They are now telling us that we need to stop making wild claims to impressionable customers that include the word “Guaranteed”