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SPINSTRIKE was created with one dream in mind.

It wasn't the dream where you're locked in the world's largest candy/fireworks/go-kart/puppy & kitten warehouse, and it will be hours before anyone finds out. It also wasn't the dream where thousands of rabid wolves are chasing you through the deep forest, and your only hope of escape lies in jumping off a 1,000-foot cliff to the raging river below. It wasn't even the dream where you can somehow fly by flapping your arms and pointing your feet in a very particular way. Those are all interesting dreams, but we were going for something much bigger.

Our dream was to quit our jobs.

Wait, wait, wait. Hear us out. There's more to it than that. You've read this far, haven't you? Just a little further...

We didn't want to quit our jobs because we're lazy or because we hated what we were doing. Well, those weren't the main reasons. Mostly, we wanted to quit our jobs so that we could start doing something we love- something that's both amazing and fun! It also had to be something that we could share with others. Ping Pong (or Table Tennis if you prefer) met all of our conditions perfectly! It's also exciting, good exercise, and an excellent activity for people of all ages, abilities, and skill levels.

SPINSTRIKE is here to support your Ping Pong Dreams by providing you with Quality Ping Pong Gear that is Stylish as well.

Will using SPINSTRIKE rackets give you the ability to hit 200 MPH unstoppable serves, backhand sidespin shots that leave your opponent weeping and swinging wildly at thin air, or somehow dramatically increase your personal animal magnetism?

We can't promise that. Literally. The law doesn't allow us to.
What we can say is this: Use SPINSTRIKE equipment. Practice hard and play a lot. Maybe eat a salad once in a while. Above all, have fun.

The power to make yourself great is in your hands.